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About Julia

I love taking beautifully set editorial photos along with candid shots that really accentuate the essence of the moment.  I enjoy creating beautiful memories through photos that people can look back at and say, “These are the best photos ever taken of me”.  I love that photography allows me to capture those precious moments and details that may otherwise be overlooked or forgotten.

I come from a family of five girls, yes, my parents tried for a boy, but here we are, five girls and an ever growing family.  How do we all keep in touch?  We keep the moments alive by capturing priceless memories at family gatherings.

Photography is the art of capturing and re-living the love and passion that surrounds people as they journey through life.

All people strive to live in harmony with the ones they love.  My purpose as a photographer is to capture the loving auras that surround them through each magical moment in life.

If you have any  questions I would be happy to hear from you and will be sure to respond within the first day or so. If it's easier, feel free to call or text as I can also often respond more promptly. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you, 

Julia Bureacenco :)

*To view more of my work please check out my Instagram @JuliaBureacenco (Ginger Photography)*

Phone: 778.238.7447

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